Potential bug - no red dot spawning



I don’t recall having a red dot spawned anywhere since the last patch. Can others confirm? Or is it just bad luck for me?


What do you mean by the red dot? I assume you’re talking about the scope.


No I’m talking about red dot sight a type of reflector (or reflex) sight.


I have picked up couple of them, and one special (yellow 5C) from robot loot.
Some what rare item to found.

But all the hours in the game, i have never found Sjöqvist Semi-Auto special.
It has been eluding me along time.


It sure does…


OK, thanks, must make a sacrifice to RND goods then…


I found a sjoqvist semi-auto special once from a tank but at the time there was limited inventory space and it was pre-plundra so I shot it a few times just for the fun of it and dropped it because back then I had a special 12G and I thought that the 12G was the better shotgun. But there both equal in there own way and now that ive been using the sjoqvist more often i really wish I had kept the one I found because now I cant find it anymore.


I haven’t found a red dot sight since the first few months of gameplay. Missing a gold red dot for my AK to get the lock and load trophy


Since the DLC I got plenty from apocalypse tanks