Potential collectible that cannot be reached

There is something under one of the containers with machines inside at Floda Control Point, most likely a machine blueprint collectible, which cannot be reached or collected, not even with explosives.

There never was a collectible or blueprint.
If they didn’t move it there with the newest update, it’s something different. A lootbox or destroyed machine under the surface.

I often had seeker under the surface, which I was able to destroy with a grenade, but never was able to loot them.

I wouldn’t know for how long it’s been there or if anything had been added and put there, but I do know that containers with machines inside are one of the spots that have blueprint collectibles. I also don’t know what it is; it could be a static machine, or a crate, that cannot be looted, or it could be a collectible - I’ve shot multiple GRG rounds at, and around the container, as well as threw some grenades in with no returning results of it being reached. All in all, something’s there, and it’s something that devs could look into in case it’s something of importance.

The locations of collectibles and blueprints are fixed and all known. These containers have been placed there with the last update on monday.

If it’s still there the next day, it will be a missplaced lootbox, otherwise it was a machine that you destroyed there.

Nah, container is empty, definetly not a destroyed machine.

Destroyed machine below container…