Pre-Order Collector's Edition

I’ve just pre-ordered the PC collectors edition from CDON (swedish website) and i just wanted to ask when i will get my package, and if it comes to me after the release will steam still count my game key as a pre-order? (Please reply)


I’m not very qualified to give an accurate answer, but I only preordered (not collector’s) and I received an email immediately afterwards that I would get my access information on release date. As far as the collector’s, I would assume you would get your items shortly before release date, given that there’s probably a given window for people to put their orders in and for them to arrange to get their numbers set up to ship out. Just my 0.02. I hope you get to share pics of your products when you receive them soon!

Ye, i hope so too and thanks for the help!

You could try contacting CDON customer support and see what they say about deliveries like this.

Pre-sales CE’s should have the bonuses “baked in” to the key you redeem on steam, you’ll have your goodies right away. :slight_smile: