Prepare for trouble


And make it double.
Team FNIX blast off at the speed of light.
Surrender now or prepare to fight.


That’s right!

team FNIX is blasting off again


The armada has arrived.

(On the shot: 3x Apo tanks, 1x FNIX harv, 4x FNIX runners, 1x Apo hunter.)

We know you are here.


Looks like Team FNIX’s blasting off again
(not my picture, taken from Disappearing Dead Robots-Flying Away?)


Heard strange sounds from the FOA2 Arena when I was scavving Norrmyra today. Went to have a look and what do you know, a lone FNIX Tank was exploring the premises…


This is so good it should be illegal. Hands behind your back fella :joy:


I saw that just outside yesterday or the day before. Not good - waaaiiilly wailey wailey. Ah crivens!


Ran into four FNIX Tanks holding an apparently tactically significant crossroads in the Forest Region, recently. I admit, the amount of stomping going on had me curious to take a look.


Location? Where is this place?


Sorry, I can’t recall.