Prestige Points

Maybe I failed to be specific. Let me try to fix that: There are no practical uses for Prestige Points. I could give a damn about statistical standings, not needing external validation.

I get your issue about the prestige points not having a practical use at this moment. Now they are just a tally. You are, however, not alone in wanting the points to actually give us players something, like a reward. For example, they could grant access to rare items, special cosmetic upgrades, or unique abilities that enhance gameplay. etc.

But it is what it is. Nevertheless, with the right suggestive feedback the developers might introduce new features or updates tied to Prestige Points in the future.

The best thing you can do is to suggest in this topic how you think the Prestige Points could be used.

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Earning the points does give you something, each time you finish a challenge you are rewarded with points and a title. And some of the final challenges give you clothing. Is it because you can use the title and clothing that you expect to also use the points?

I have almost 14 million XP points but can’t use them for anything, My skill points do not reflect those points since I had gained them, over 8 mil, from a time when the max a single character was given a little over 550,000 XP points and they would stop when the skill points would stop at 31. To continue gaining XP points I had to delete my character and start over, again and again. It was also a time when to redo skills you had to start over with a new character. It was how I learned what the skill points do, or don’t do anything helpful.

Since the skill points do not reflect overall XP points, the overall experience points also have no meaning but to me, just like my collection of collectibles only have meaning to me.