Prestige Points


Morning all,

With December now upon us, I’ve been reviewing the game for content for my next video - and as the Prestige Points have not yet been addressed, what do you feel would be a suitable way to spend them?

I know it was covered by Paul on a previous stream that it’s on their to do list for 2021, might be worth getting some ideas down for when the time comes.

284 Prestige Points idea

I wouldn’t say no to that. Only question remains… what should we spend it on? I have no idea. Maybe some things that were exclusive and can’t be gotten anymore.


Your on the right thinking that I was on. It has to be something that is of equal value to obtaining the points.

I think some sort of clothing set is a good idea but with significant perk boost


Maybe clothes with multiple perks boost, like a jacket with bullet and explosion perks, instead of being just one?


Something I have been thinking about, if the devs wanted to, they could add some code making every 50 prestige points equal 1 skill point. That would give players access to 6 extra skill points for completing all in-game challenges without completely breaking the character skill trees, it would also give new characters made a boost to open a new specialist skill from start. No more having to exp grind


That is Indeed a good idea.


Hope not, achievement hunting is not every gamers objective. And kind of forcing players to do something they dont like to have access items which are not any other way accessible.

No need to alienate and divide player base. Like survival is really requested, and no level limit.


The reason I say 284 is that’s everything ( currently ) completed across the challenges board. Which means that there will be investment in the game from the players that have done it.

Would it be a fair trade off to use all 284 Points, for a level cap to 40 increase and the additional 8 skill points?

I think I would, and would welcome the option.


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Thanks for the trim up as always


What if we go the way as Wolfenstein: New Order did - Enigma Codes Collectibles unlocks optional game modes that makes game harder?


What if you could undertake special quests with the unlock being a high enough prestige. For example, think of power score for destiny like having a minimum requirement for search and destroy missions or wanted posters. Or maybe you unlock the various classes of robots as you gain more prestige points. Or what about the fan made robots. Perhaps you unlock those after enough challenges.


Or they could be converted into skill respec tokens