Problem with the new mission

Started the game today the first time since the update a few days ago in the patch notes I noticed the new building blocks mission but i did the old one so Ignored it in the end we tryd an assault mission and noticed we couldn’t attack the center and then I saw that I got the mission in my log and we thought maybe just a bug let’s do the mission so we did it and at the end of the mission the command center didn’t even spawn we restarted the game and completely downloaded it new but nothing changed

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Hey! We’re tracking this issue, which happens when a player already completed the old base building intro mission “Good News”. Thanks for reporting!

yeah i also have a problem with the new mission, i started a fresh game (well it was like a week old max) and went to do the mission only to find that the base hadn’t spawn in, only the shield generators. I desrtoyed them but i can’t finnish the mission sinds the central core didn’t spawn and now i can’t do base assault/defence… sad beans

Ok. So I had already completed the Good News mission but thought I would do the Building Blocks mission anyway. It allowed me to do everything with that up until the instruction to destroy the base and I couldn’t because there wasn’t a base there. I left it and attacked another FNIX base and as soon as I won that, I was credited with having completed the Building Blocks mission??? Happy days…even If I don’t understand why.

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I think the building blocks mission is coded so that it works with any fenix base and other bases can’t spawn until you’ve finnished it, only problem sinds i didn’t have any bases on my world yet and the mission’s base doesn’t spawn i can’t spawn any other bases aswell and have no way of completing it…