Problem with the "pumphagel"

Platform: PC

Description:*Then screen goes black then I try to aim the pumphagel.
It looks like either the arm goes in front of the screen or that the characeter is looks at the back of the gun.
After a tips did i discovered that it thas the gloves my character was wielding, Ecto-seientist gloves, that caused the problem.
Note: The problem diapers then I puts a sight on the riffle.
I have tried with the other guns but it is only the pumphagel that is affected.
I have also tried different pumphagel but all of them seems to be affected *

Steps To Reproduce: ecuip the pumphagel and aim, without having a site atached.

Images / Videos:

Players in your game: only me.


I think it’s the gloves that get in your line of sight. Try changing them, or taking them of.

If the problem was caused by the gloves then post what model it was exactly, so Devs could fix that issue.

thanks, never thought it was the gloves that messed with me

What type of gloves were they, so other people will know which ones not to where if this happens to them. Thanks.

problem solved finally


It was the Ecto-scientists gloves

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