Problem with the “Signal Source” job series

Здравствуйте все. Так как я не очень хорошо владею английским ( возможно моя проблема уже освещена в иных топиках ), я расскажу о проблеме снова. Проблема с серией заданий “Источник Сигнала”. Начав играть в первый раз в эту игру, я в кооперативе присоединился к друзьям и открыл часть территории и выполнил часть квестов. Потом начал прохождение игры соло, на своем “сервере”. Столкнулся с проблемой прохождения квестов у себя, которые я прошел играя с друзьями. Эти проблемы решились переустановкой игры. Но вот появилась иная проблема - по серии квестов “Источник Сигнала” не догружались ни радары, ни охраняющие их машины. Перезаходил в игру по многу раз, удалял сейвы из игры и компьютера, переустанавливал игру с ручной чисткой реестра - это всё не дало результата. Если эта проблема известна и имеет решение ( не в виде ожидания патча ), помогите пожалуйста. Если неизвестна, разработчики - сделайте что-нибудь или просто дайте ответ в чем собственно дело.
Заранее всем спасибо.

English version.

Hello everyone. Since I do not speak English very well (maybe my problem is already covered in other topics), I will talk about the problem again. Problem with the “Signal Source” job series. Having started to play this game for the first time, I joined friends in a co-op and discovered part of the territory and completed part of the quests. Then I started playing solo on my “server”. Faced the problem of completing quests at home, which I went through playing with friends. These problems were solved by reinstalling the game. But another problem appeared - according to the series of quests “Signal Source” neither radars nor the defender machines guarding them were loaded. I restarted the game many times, deleted saves from the game and the computer, reinstalled the game with manual cleaning of the registry - all this did not work. If this problem is known and has a solution (not in the form of waiting for a patch), please help. If it’s unknown, developers - do something or just give an answer what is the matter.
Thank you all in advance.

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Sorry, didn’t know. If that transfer through Google translate

I don’t recognise the mission you’re on, “Signal Source”, can you describe that in a bit more detail?

If anyone else with knowledge of russian can help out, feel free :slight_smile:

In Russian: “Источник Сигнала” -> direct translation: “Signal Source” -> in-game translation: “Relay Beacon”.


Relay Beacon don’t respawn once you destroy it. However, there at a LOT of Relay Beacons across the map. More like 80+ or so. So, the fact that you missed few in your solo game doesn’t hinder your gameplay at all.

Relay Beacons are more like small XP boost and a bit of combat, to make the world fill more alive, rather than crucial story elements.

If I delete the gameplay as completely as possible, shouldn’t I destroy these beacons again? Or is it not possible to completely reset the game?

They did for a while on dlc island, now it’s fixed. But I couldn’t finish this challenge without this bug. There were simple too few relay beacons, I was missing 20 or so on challenges tab, but couldn’t find any new one anywhere. I’m almost sure it’s a bug.

Автору: сталкивались, похоже но баг, но по сравнению с другими критическими багами это просто незначительная мелочь

If you manually delete your save files and disable Steam cloud (if on PC), you can reset the game progress.

Though, like i said, Relay Beacons are there for a bit extra XP and it doesn’t matter if you destroy them all or not.

Actually, you can respawn Relay Beacons (all of them) but that’s a secret. :wink:

I understand everything, but the fact is that these beacons are a kind of “achievement” for the complete passage of some locations

Я примерно догадываюсь, что есть баги в этой игре и посерьёзнее. Просто неприятно, что я не могу пройти полностью некоторые локации, где эти маяки фигурируют в роли ачивки.

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OK, I will remember that. I just answered the Russian-speaking person in my own language. Or should I answer him in English?

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