Problema para equipar miras en las armas

hola comunidad. Queria ver si alguien me podria ayudar. el problema que tengo es que no puedo equipar ningun accesorio de armas sera algun error del juego o mio. Supongo que mio, ya que tengo a otro amigo que si lo deja. Acabo de reinstalar el juego pero me sigue igual. alguna ayuda?

Hello and welcome to the forums, this is a English only place so please provide a English translation when you can.

hello community. I wanted to see if someone could help me. The problem I have is that I cannot equip any weapon accessories, it will be some error in the game or mine. I guess mine, since I have another friend who does. I just reinstalled the game but it remains the same. some help?

I can’t equip accessories to weapons

When equipping Attachments to weapons, youll want to press R on PC, X on Xbox or Square on PS (i say this as i dont know the platform) then press on one of the attachment slots such as the Extended mag for an AG4. If you have that Extended mag itll allow you to equip. Every gun has certain attachments it can equip.

game from pc. I tried anyway and I can’t equip anything. until I got to re-install the game and it was not solved. Is there another way i can do it?

Then that means the weapon is not compatible with the attachment you picked up. Which attachment was it and what gun are you trying to equip it on?

an experimental pvg 90 and the 6-12 rifle scope. The weird thing is that a friend can equip it and I can’t.

Then thats weird, have you tried verifying files, if on Steam as i dont know if this is an option for MS store or Gamepass.

Try dropping the stuff that causes trouble and pick it up again.