Problems with Saving game progress

Hi, i am an active player on PS5 and each time when i play it dosent save my games progress. I’ve tried several things to trigger the saving but it didnt work.

Platform: PS5

Description: problem with Saving the game’s progress

Steps To Reproduce: each time i play

Images / Videos:

Host or Client: Myself on Singleplayer

Players in your game: only myself



I don’t have any issues saving my game in PS5.
Is it installed on internal memory or an external usb-drive?

Do you own PSPlus? Is automatic cloud saving activated?

Why exactly do you think that your progress isn’t saved? Does the time and date of your safegame file change? What exactly are you missing?

Maybe you can send your safegame file to the support:

Do you have an active PSN account? I’m guessing you probably do, but if not then that’s your problem. The game won’t save without an active PSN account.

However, if that’s not it then you’re not alone. I’ve seen two posts in the last 24hrs with the same problem.

Who should use a PS5 without an active PSN Account?

Mmh, that’s like a guest user who tries to play games that use online features. :thinking:

It’s usually child accounts that parents haven’t set up to play online, or people uninterested in online play. Or, like you say, guest accounts.

In this case there are additional reasons, why the kids shouldn’t play some games. :wink: