Procedural endgame missions

Okay, I’ve been making a lot of feature request posts lately so I’m going to let this be my last one for a while.

Procedural post-game missions. Post-game as in after all main missions are completed. The challenges/FMTEL assignments are a nice little driver to keep playing the game afterwards, but they lack the satisfying structure of designated missions.

What I mean when I say “structure” is relative to Generation Zero because the main missions in the game are already bare bones. That’s not a criticism, it’s just very much a “go here, investigate this, kill the robots, next bread crumb leads over there”. Which is meatier than “kill 5 harvesters”. I love a good bounty, which is why I like rivals and assignments, but sometimes a small narrative throughline is what I really want to keep gameplay feeling meaningful.

So, what would these procedural missions be like? Well, the basic idea is that they are host-dependent and they reuse previously used locations in new ways. They would be multi-part, following the same formula as described above for the main missions, but be a bit more random (and generic). Place some strong endgame enemies in some unusual locations, have a clue about another location, fight a boss. Could they be more than that? Absolutely, but my desire is simply to satisfy the need for a little more structure in the endgame, and I think a lot of players want that.

Also having procedural missions would prevent the “get more XP from completing missions” skill less useless on a given character. And this has been said before, but there should be a much easier system for starting a new game with a new character without deleting all your progress on your endgame max level character.

Alright, that’s all from me. Thanks for reading!


Agreed. Actually, I believe the assignments should have been something like this - procedural missions, given from the terminal or NPC’s. This is really what would make an open world game shine.

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One addition:
Of course you don’t need to use it, but in my eyes fast traveling should be limited per day.
Or that you need resistance-points or command-points for it.

Of course you can do much in a session by using fast traveling, but it somehow breaks the immersion.

And there is no disadvantage for using it currently.

“Days Gone” has a pretty nice system for fast traveling. You travel by motorcycle. And you’re just able to travel as fas as you have enough fuel for. Additionally your bike gets used the more you drive. The same counts for fast traveling. So if your bike is already damaged, you cannot travel as far. First you need to repair it.

Something similar would be nice for GZ. Something that limits you in using fast travel or in the distance you can travel fast.

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I like the idea, but I think a lot of players would be upset at restricted fast travel. I love the long atmospheric hikes (and the lurking dangers therein) in games like this one, but other people sometimes call this game boring because of it. Plus, you know, it’s a good quality of life feature if you ever want to just play more casually sometime.

Sidebar: you may enjoy trying this. Instead of respawning at the closest safehouse when you die, try intentionally spawning in one that’s on the edge of the map somewhere. Brutal? Yes. But quite an adventure to hike/bike your way back to your objective.

Also, I like field radios. Just in general, I think it’s a cool item. If anything I think it would be interesting to somehow replace safehouse fast travel exclusively with field radio fast travel. This is not a real suggestion though, just a passing thought.