Progress is lost

After half a month I decided to enter the game, but for some reason it started from the beginning. A lot has passed, there was an experimental weapon, almost the entire map has passed. Please help. I love this game very much, but I don’t want to start from the beginning, especially since I took a pre-order, and I don’t have any clothes (

Look for “savegame” files in \Documents\Avalanche Studios\GenerationZero\Saves

There should be 2 in a folder with some numbers - those are the current ones.

I have 3 different folders that also have some older saves:

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Found 2 folders, 1 with numbers, and 2 “settings”. What to do next? Sorry if I’m stupid, in this case is very weak.

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As I wrote before - in the numbers folder you have your current saves.

You can try to search your C: drive for file “savegame”, maybe it was in some different location, but I doubt it. If you won’t find it this way than I’m afraid only option will be to start from scratch :worried:

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