Prone in generation zero


I think prone would be a great stealth feature to the game and it would make you feel alot more immersed within the game itself as a whole


the prone option already was in the game as it hit’s beta status but it was not really fitting in the game at that stage so they removed it. maybe in the future it will be back. we will see


I don’t think the reason were that it didn’t “fit in the game”, as much as there were technical difficulties to implement it right. Considering the type of game this is, going prone should definitely be in the game, and by going prone you would have bonuses to stealth as well as weapon sway.

I hope to see it return some day, when they’ve fixed any issues with the stance.


@DARKSPECTRE28 I absolutely agree with you. It wouldn’t be difficult to implement as you could just hold the crouch key and I think it would add to the realism of the first person aspect as well as greatly improve some stealth moments. I support this