Proper explosives

Is there any chance of seeing some Sprängdeg m/46 (PETN based plastic explosive) in game? The Tier-3/FNIX Ticks seem to be covered with d-blocks of m/46 already.

That way we could have grades of explosive just like we have the various sized fuel cells and emp devices etc. Maybe with the advantage that we could squidge them onto walls and things as well rather than only being able to leave them on the ground, maybe even stack them in the inventory whereas cylinders and fuel-cells cannot with the disadvantage of needing to carry a detonator (while the prior can simply be shot once placed).

The various gas-cylinders could then be the 1st tier of explosives options, good for taking on (and out) smaller enemies over a pretty big range and pretty effective against lower grade larger mechs and going up from there, perhaps with some civilian sourced (Dynamite/TNT around mines etc) explosives as the 2nd tier and then the military high-explosives at the top.


is that explosive in your hand and did you take this picture :smiley: , nice post mate, i would love to see more explosives and definetly the removal of the smoke grenaides & rockets

I’d love to see some military grade plastic explosives ingame. For setting up traps and such.