Proximity game chat

Hello devs, I’m here to ask if you can add a proximity game chat for the robots to hear players in game when talking and add a long distance chat like on phone or radio. To make it more dangerous for it to talk near robots and make it more fun!!!:grin::sunglasses::smirk:and I have more good idea’s. I hope the developers see this :clap::persevere:

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Don’t cry, if you’re overrun… The more they come :rofl:

Sounds cool but should be an option for hosts in multiplayer settings.

There’s no in-game voice chat though… All voice-chat pass through PlayStation, Microsoft, Steam, or whatever other app to use on your computer.

No. There is ingame voicechat. (Playstation)

But you can choose to use a playstation group voice chat instead.

My friends and me allways have a little trouble getting the voice chat working like we want when meeting to play GZ all together on a split beamer screen. (really, really cool)

Wow… I didn’t know that. :hushed:

Both Playstation and Microsoft platforms get VC, Steam gets text chat and a much more variety of VC such as Discord or even Steams VC.