PS Plus September 2023: Generation Zero

Just read, that Generation Zero will be part of the PS Plus Essential lineup in september, available from 5th september.

Will it just be the basic game or will some DLCs be included?

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Just The Basic game bro

Just the base game, but some DLCs will be double discounted for PS Plus members!

Nevertheless, you should advertise for that. :wink:

The only issue is non GZ related :eyes:
SONY has gone Greedy Mad, from the 6th of September its going to get more costly just to play multiplayer , an increase of Price at the 3 tiers of the PS Plus service:
Essential, Extra, Premium.

Some more detail to the new prizes (from 6th september on):

PlayStation Plus Essential 12 months:
71,99 Euro | 79.99 USD | 59.99 GBP | 6,800 Yen (currently 59,99 Euro)

PlayStation Plus Extra 12 months:
125,99 Euro | 134.99 USD | 99.99 GBP | 11,700 Yen (currently 99,99 Euro)

PlayStation Plus Premium 12 months:
151,99 Euro | 159.99 USD | 119.99 GBP | 13,900 Yen (currently 119,99 Euro)

Last chance to extend on the old prizes is running…

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And another small detail, Those prices had already increasead 2 or 3 times in the last 6 years. (although Extra and Premium did not exist till last Summer).

Game Pass also increasead recently, the big difference comes from the fact Xbox users have a lot more of retro games from older Xbox systems, and can even use the Disks from many older games to apply to the remaster or Port without paying a cent and when a new game drops it usually is part of Game Pass from day 1.

Basically this is Sony shooting its own foot and joking with the Users.
Although Im right, i´l stop my ranting, after all this is GZ and not SONY forum.

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Its just the game.
They only give COMPLETE versions when they are part of GOLD or Year edition, things like that, if the name is just “Generation Zero” then its just the normal version with no DLC at all.

I’ve seen different ads for PS plus lineup of september now… Generation Zero isn’t very good advertised in most of them. Wrong informations (Coop for 3 players), negative infos about the metacritics score (5) and links to old trailers that show the old inventory and none of the new features.

Well, bugs are bugs, but they aren’t even mentioned. It’s just bad ad.

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Hey, where are you seeing those ads? Which platform and in which form? That’s definitely not intended :sweat:

I just found the last one in my recently visited pages as fast:

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Ah! That’s not an ad, just a random game news site with an author who didn’t research our game very well:) unfortunate, but sadly we can’t do anyhing about this.

Thanks for letting me know, though!

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