[PS4] Bug report/issues I've found

Mechanics (robots) damage you through walls. They shoot and/or “melee” hit me from the outside of a building. Even had instances where the mechanic has clipped completely through the wall and ended up in side the building I was in.

Mechanics sensing me through walls and/or while I’m inside a bunker and they are way outside.

Mechanics sensing you from well behind a building, big rocks, across a field. The game said you could go for a stealth approach, and save bullets, but that is impossible since they know where you are even though you try to crouch around them.

Re-spawning mechanics in places you’ve previously cleared. This one is frustrating when/if going back to a safehouse or going back somewhere to finish up a mission.

Stats being reset when restarting the game. I’ve destroyed 4 relay beacons so far, but my stats says 0 after restarting the game. Not sure about other stats, but this is the one I’ve noticed so far.

Lots of floating picnic chairs around the map. Not sure if this is just some graphics not being
loaded of if they’re just placed above the ground. Also other objects floating in mid-air.

Putting the multiplayer to “Invite only” always reverts back for anyone to join after restarting the game.

In the first bunker you find “a map with street names and house numbers” and with the civil defense peoples houses marked on it, but there is no way to actually see that anywhere in the game. Not in the in-game map or the map in the Log-section. Also, other confusing missions that are either extremely vague or hard to figure out where to go. Answering machine message naming a specific place where they hide, but that name is nowhere to find on the map.


Frame rate drops to 1 when encounter alot at a tine

They see you because they are robots with infrared/thermal/xray vision, which you can get as well to even the playing field. It doesn’t excuse the other bugs in the game but that’s an actual game feature that makes more sense when you really think about it. Also a lot of these bugs have already been posted and acknowledged by avalanche. When you are writing your bug report try to pay attention to where it shows you similar posts so you can be sure you aren’t reposting bugs the team is aware of. That has the chance of pushing bugs the dev team ISN’T aware of further down the list.

As well if you’re unsure of what bugs the team is aware of, you catch their live stream here for more info as they talk about it through out the stream; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c0-xUkXNM6I

You can actually go to maps in the Log and manipulate them. Using a controller, it’s right stick to turn it, and Left Trigger/Right Trigger to Zoom Out/Zoom In respectively. Although I’d prefer to be able to open it fullscreen myself.

I hope that helps in future. :slight_smile:

As for the vague clues and unknown names, it’s supposed to be that way. There’s very little hand-holding once you cross the bridge to Salthamn. Just get out there and explore and you’ll do fine.

Oh! I didn’t know you could zoom in and out in the log! That will help a bit, but yeah, fullscreen would be nice.

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What doesn’t make sense is why the robots have trouble seeing you at night when they in fact have infrared sight.

very true, ive disagreed with the robots having a debuff at night since the beginning though tbh it just doesn’t make sense