PS4 bugs that I have encountered

First and foremost I have played generation zero aince it first came out on ps4 at 3 a.m. my time pulled an all nighter with it and played well all The 28th and have ran into a variety of bugs or glitches.

1st to start off the list is the map spawns they are sometimes there and sometimes not. using salthomen naval base as example, you discover the base, then go on to discover the ÖVERBY air base. When you discover them it shows how many collectibles, looting sites, missions, and or weapons at that location then they now have icons on map that show that information through the map but when you leave the game and spawn back in they do not show up on map and missing the icon and says you haven’t found that location yet but leaving the game again just to rejoin then fix’s the issue temporarily because once you leave again it’s back to square one.

2nd on the list me and one other of my friends on console version can not throw flares, any type of grenades, fireworks, radios, boomboxs, EMPs, but as soon as we switch we can barely hair trigger Our guns and it shoots we both can place the Mobil spawn radios, and ticks as well as fuel cells.

3rd minken, sorkens, and vesslan command bunkers that require multiple barcodes to enter is glitching I have gotten around 40 vesslan 70 minken and 10 Sorken and it says I need to find more but as soon as I leave the game and rejoin in it says find the bunkers and says I completed finding all the barcodes.

4th is huge frame rate drop at the F23 överby Air base when all the runners, hunters, tanks, harvesters, and seekers are there I as well as three others in my game suffer from severe frame rate drops we tried this with the others hosting and it all turned out the same.

5th I have noticed in överby air base that in some buildings the ticks are spawning in the floor itself how I know this is I have the object penetrating vision module on to see through walls and such

All in all I play with normally 3 people myself included into that number or just down to myself

Frame drop solo and with friend when on runway area F23 Overly base , also random frame drop which can happen any time anyplace , enemy can detect you even under ground most bunkers , also in F23 overly base there is a spiral stair case and at the bottom is a half opened door that wont open unlike other bases its normally openable is how its supposed to be ? . One last thing in airbase the Power switch clicks but does nothing , anyone else have info / solution , thanks

Above post ps4 pro , and base ps4 , solo and multiplayer ,

Yea I commonly have the problem with the vesslan base, often crashing anytime I get inside or close to it (around 3 times now and haven’t been able to progress yet). Along with that, everytime I crash, any landmarks are removed until the previous safe house which is Salthamn.

Ermm in earlier post i meant F23 OVERBY air base not overly , thanks