PS4 can't reload after getting off bike


On PS4, when you get off a bike you can’t manually reload until you interact with a car door or something.


I can confirm this.

Platform: PS4 (non Pro)

Steps To Reproduce:
1 Shoot weapon - do not reload
2 Spawn Bike
3 Ride bike
4 Dismount
5 Try to reload

Tested with Glock17, HP5, Pump Shotgun, Assault rifle and .270 Hunting Rifle

Fast Travel and Log out to main menu did not solve it.
Closing the game application and restarting the game did solve it for that gamesession only.

Host or Client: Happened during solo play. Not tested multiplayer/coop.

Players in your game: 1 (me)

Specifications: PS4 1TB non Pro version.


Simple fix… do not use bikes. :stuck_out_tongue:


Yeah, that’s one way to solve that problem… :stuck_out_tongue:
And I do.

But still… It needs a fix.


Can I ask you a question, good Sir @Ixhaton ?
Why do you use bikes?
I mean, terrain does not really allow bikes to be used everywhere, then you have “the danger” (hmmm, where? lol ) aspect, I mean, to me, a bike seems more of a cumbersome reliability than anything else?

We have, in the end, speed travel, correct?

Now, I then, I am a walker… I do not use speed Travel myself…
But that is me…


To be honest; I am not a bike user in this game either.

I tend to walk and use the fast travel option a lot - despite that it feels like a cheat and I should stop using FT.

But since they are ingame, I decided just to try the bikes out a few times.
And as such, ran inevitably into combat and encountered this bug.

So yeah… by random chance actually.


Thank you, sir, for the reply.


Its a bug report , not question time :rofl:


I am trying to understand the reason why some do use a bike…?
IMHO, seeing as it is, it could be, to solve the bug, just be removed.
The game, in all fairness, was never designed as a bike track… :slight_smile:


And you are quite right at that, if I may say so. :slight_smile:

So I absolutely do not mind the inquisitive questioning at all.
Bikes in GZ feel (to me) cumbersome and clunky to use and look out of place on a lot of safehouses.
Removal or replacement would be a good idea. That would fix the bugs coming with it…
But if it is here to stay, then yeah… someone should look into it sometime, right? ^^


Personally, I fail to see any advantage of these things…
Au contraire…

But… to each it’s own, I guess.

As for replacing, by God no…
Removal, all for it, but not other things like motorcycles, cars, and God forbid: TANKS,…
Game is already a fail when it comes to any form of engagement, danger, or survival…
Instead of focussing on THOSE issues, players wanted… bikes…

scratches head
As an Aspie of the reality called Aspergers, I simply fail to understand these… Uu-Maans…
Logic nor pragmatism seems to exist with them… :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m also autistic, but you don’t see me using it as an excuse. @Xogroroth, please stop derailing this bug report with off-topic or I’ll issue you a warning.

Regarding the report, it’s an interesting issue. I’ve not tried to replicate this myself; but if anyone else on other platforms have this problem please report it here.