Ps4 complete shut down

Ps4 PRO : Fw 6.51 : Wired fast broadband : V1.02 : store download … PROBLEM >> loaded game spawned into bunker i have never had passcode for, never had a safe house there could not opened doors to get out , so fast travel to another area and game FROZEN while on tape loading screen , waited until console switched it self off 5 min after , no PSN REPORT at all . devs are they aware the game could crash like this . I forgot to add earlier my save was corrupt after this and game save try to recover it but this time it could not :disappointed: i know i have back up on Ps+ but it is 5 days ago it backed up ( My settings not game fault ) . . So going to start a new save to be sure when fix is out . . . Still a Fan , cheers “” Will latest patch yet to come fix this issue devs ? "’

This has happened to me once.

Unlucky , hope for fix soon like yesterday :blush:

thought i would give game another go before fix ( Yes the games addictive even with the bugs ) start fresh save. Deleted old from storage on ps4 , game froze console twice 20 mins apart i was party of 3 people first freeze , second time solo ._ SAME SPECS AS ABOVE as my first post shows , TWO ERROR REPORTS WAS SENT VIA PSN REPORT SCREEN , i have uninstalled game and deleted save just to make sure and reinstalled game may give another go before fix , hurry fix please , maybe not hurry, just a fix pretty please . PS…> I DID EQUIP A BLUE SIGHT IN FRIENDS LOBBY AND I THINK EVEN THOUGH I DROPPED IT EARLY ON IN GAME I THINK IT MUST BE THE SAVE BEING BUGGED OUT EVEN AFTER IN SOLO GAME BECAUSE OF SIGHT IN LAST GAME CAUSING OTHER ISSUES , AS WELL AS CAUSING CRASHES . I thought this might help , i cant make games like many on here but we can all help with a bit of IN-SIGHT :rofl: << Attempted joke there