[PS4] Defend the Hotel, crash before completion *solved*

So I necro posted in another thread about not being able to complete the last (?) mission on Himfjäll: Defend the hotel. The thread was closed by mod so I thought I start a new one for those that are struggling with the same issue I had.

My problem was that the game crashed when fighting the last wave which was really frustrating and costly since I used up a lot of ammunition that were lost in every crash.

Today I did another attempt and had one more crash. However I noticed one thing. When doing the wave when the machines attacked the side entrance I saw that the wave counter did not change. When the wave starts it says 0/4 and after killing the first two waves it still said 0/4…and then the game crashed when I started to kill the third wave.

So I restarted the game and triggered the mission. This time I did not kill the machines as soon as possible (before I killed them long before the were even close to the hotel) but let them get to the place were they stop to start attacking the building. (It might be that the message “Entered combat” needs to be triggered…I don’t know.) After killing them there the counter started! I did this for all the waves and ended up being able to complete the mission.

So if you have this issue…just let the machines get to where they stop and kill them there.

I’m on PS4 by the way.