PS4 game does not work online 05/30/20


Hello, please tell me now GZ onlan does not work?


You might need to update the ps4 first. A new system update has been released lately


Haven’t heard anything. Do any other users have this problem?


It is practically impossible to connect to other players from other countries


So, the issue is connecting with international players, and not with national players?

If so, contact your ISP (internet service provider) and ask if they have changed something on their end. E.g perhaps similar to the Great Firewall of China.


When I choose Russian, no one joins me at all. I am from Belarus and speak Russian, I do not speak English.


I have seen few Russian speaking players in GZ multiplayer. However, since i always choose “English” language before joining multiplayer, i end up with players who speak English.

As far as your issue goes, my best guess is that there just isn’t that many Russian speaking people playing GZ.


Everything is clear, thanks for the help