PS4. Giving away experimental

So I was given a bunch of experimental weapons the other night. Although I don’t have a klaucke 17 experimental. I’d like to trade/ give someone a couple of them in exchange.

I’ve only been playing for about a week & a few days. :grimacing: so it’s kinda crazy to have these weapons already but I have extra’s that I’m willing to part. In for a 5 crown, Möller pp or Klaucke 17.

I’ll be on at 3PM PST. ((Today April 26th,) I’ll just be doing this today most likely, giving it a 2 hour window.) Maybe a little sooner depend how long it takes me to get home from work.

If you’re wondering what the catch is well then it’s just you have to be okay with being on my stream. :grimacing:

My PSN and YouTube(if you want to see the stream.) is: LPCrook

Send me a messaging on PSN if you’re willing to trade!

Since I can’t find anyone interested, I’m not gonna be doing this today & I’ll just be playing the game. :woman_shrugging: Feel free to message me if anyone see this today and wants to trade. Like I said my PSN is in the first post. Message me on there.