[PS4] Himfjall Save Data Corruption

I’ve just started the Alpine Unrest DLC and I was doing the Sick and Injured mission in Himarvet. Himarvet itself was super laggy but when I headed to a bunker safehouse nearby, my game crashed and corrupted my data when I tried to exit the FMTel station there.


Which system do you use?
Why do you think, your safegame was corrupted? What happened after that?

I’ve just got a standard PS4, I think it’s a Slim. The crash happened when I tried to close the FMTel menu in an already very laggy area. I think closing menus usually saves the game, so crashing while saving is probably what corrupts it.

After it crashed I checked the save data and it said it was corrupted so I just downloaded my backup save. I didn’t actually open the game again till after that. This is the third time my save has corrupted, the first 2 times happened in and around Ostervik.

Got another save data corrupting crash. This time I was just running around near the western part of Himfjall without any lag, then I grabbed one of those new saplings to get wood and it crashed.