PS4 Lighting type bug that makes the game unplayable

Platform: PS4

Description: Ever since the last update I get a visual bug when in certain lighting and it seems mostly inside buildings. May be something to do with glare effects but I am not sure.

Steps To Reproduce: I literally just move around in buildings and most of the time it is when I am looking down and near lanterns. Once I see the blue light start to form I can move or turn away and it will go away. If the light touches or interacts with or gets in line of sight with my weapon/hand the light gets worse and starts causing what looks like an acid trip of blue and yellow light effects and color trails. The bug effect will eventually get really bad and cover the entire screen. I can get it to go away if I fast travel but if I travel to a safehouse it will start all over again. If I fast travel to a radio outside it seems to be ok most of the time. Sometimes it will go away if I go to the map view but not always. This bug makes it very difficult to see inside buildings and bunkers. This makes the game unplayable and not fun. Edit: In these pics are areas that this bug does start to happen. Both Church safehouses and the airport safehouse.

Images / Videos:

Host or Client: I play Solo and I join a friend. I have not tested with myself hosting or with more people than 2.

Players in your game: Me and a host or just myself.

Specifications: Second model PS4 with the matte black top,the one right after the gloss top model.

This definitely seems similar to the other issues we’ve seen lately, I’m going to go out on a limb and say they’re related, so we can tag this topic as acknowledged. Good report, too. The more perspectives we have of this glitch the better, I think.


When I get a chance I plan to upload a few more images to show the direct locations of where this bug triggers in the locations I mention so that it is easier to replicate and find for those working on a fix.

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I have not posted more images because the bug stopped for awhile but now it is doing it again after the latest update. The same exact issue. Again,it is happening around lights mainly inside buildings…mostly noticed in safehouses.