[PS4] Ostervik Save Data Corruption

Platform: PS4

Description: Crash/Save Data Corruption

Steps To Reproduce: Down below

Images / Videos: None

Host or Client: Host

Players in your game: None, single player

Specifications: Standard PS4 Slim

I’ve just reached Ostervik in the Forest Region and I’ve had 2 crashes there that corrupted my save data. Thankfully I’m paranoid so I had already uploaded my data to online storage and I only lost like 2 hours of progress.

The first crash I had was when I went to one of those little warehouses full of crates of Runners nearby. I grabbed the blueprints for a FNIX Tick and when I was inspecting it in the menus the game crashed and my save data was corrupted. Thankfully I had uploaded my save data the previous day so I was able to download that and didn’t lose all my progress.

The second crash was after I had cleared out Markbacken in Ostervik and was searching around for collectibles. I came upon a pack of roaming Hunters and when we got into a shootout it crashed again. I lost my data again but I was able to download my data from online storage again so I didn’t lose much.

It’s also worth noting that while I was in Ostervik it would go from smooth to laggy to super laggy at different times.