PS4 people joining my game without permission

I’ve had a game over a year and all of a sudden people are playing in my game. I’m strictly a solo player.
When I go to multiplayer in menu I get a “checking eligibility” message and never see an option to select privacy (like by invite only).
How do I get to that screen?! What is the “eligibility” crap?!

When you Continue your game, press Home/Start button to bring up in-game menu and select Multiplayer. From there, you can choose who are allowed to join your game. Also, don’t forget to click Apply once you’ve switched it.

From the same menu, you can kick other players out as well, by first selecting them and then following the in-game prompt, visible at the bottom of the screen.

If you see any other menu other than the one shown above, care to screenshot it and put that image here?

Here’s a screenshot of what I get.

I will send images of menu I get when I hit the Option key in a bit.

Here’s what I get when I hit Option key. And the what I get when I hit multiplayer.

Hey @magpiemike :wave:

Do you have a PS Plus membership/subscription? That screen should only show if you do not have one.

IF people can join your game when you don’t have a PS Plus membership we have an issue as that should not be possible. I’ll make a ticket for tracking this issue so we can figure out what is going on here.

Sorry for the inconvenience and thanks for reporting! :pray:


Just like to confirm this has also happened to me - it was quite a surprise. 1.22 installed last Wednesday and two players joined my game on Sunday. I don’t have PS+ membership.

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Thanks for confirming @arc1969 :pray: much appreciated! Adding this info to the ticket.

No I don’t (and never did) have a subscription.

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Got it! Thanks for the swift response.

We’ll try to sort this out for the next patch!