PS4 please add Analog sticks dead zone support/setting

My DS4’s have small shifts, but I have no problem with another games. In GZ I have small aim shifting (different direction for each DS4) and map scaling without touching the analog sticks.

the issue is there on pc aswell, probably also on xbox, as this relates to imperfections in the gamepad hardware, both factory quality as well as wear.
the stick return position (dead center) can “drift” a bit so many software-develpers solve this with “deadzone”, ignoring any movements within that zone on the analog stick.
I am unsure how the deadzone is implemented in other games but i would guess it should be a system setting on consoles and is probabaly in the steam controller settings on pc.
Anyways, i would love to have a sensitivity setting on PC aswell as my xbox 360 gamepad is drifting a bit if i release the stick from max positions. if i move the stick from max to center with my thumb, the drift is minimal and often not noticeable, but a spring-powered return seems to make the stick stop on not-center-position.

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