PS4 ringfort single play virtually impossible

Just installed FNIX Rising on PS4 and with all due respect to the developers: that seems waisted money right away. There’s no way I’m up for this after having finished the original and Himfjäll on my own. I was bending over backwards with ammo and now that is all waisted on this mission it looks like GZ is over and out for me. Unless I wonder around aimlessly collecting new ammo. Which is going to take ages in the wastelands I got stuck for my money. It feels like FNIX was particularly programmed for multiplayer when I fire up the ringfort mission.
A fraction disappointed after spending all this time building up to this new DLC. It feels a bit out of proportion this way, I’m sorry, I looooooooooooooved it up 'til now, but this is a dealbreaker.

You can make ammo,…

I collect lots of ammo from the bunkers and by going into the houses in cities. From that I have more ammo than I know what to do with. In that farmland region there’s the battle scene (Saltholmen?) across the bridge from Archipelago region that has a considerable amount of ammo.

Lower in-game difficulty to Adventurer if you want to spare your ammo (machines have a lot less HP) or improve your aim (so, you won’t miss that much).

As far as FNIX Rising and The Ringfort mission goes, it is doable in single play. I did it, and on Guerilla difficulty. Guide here: Guide: "FNIX Rising" main missions


What difficulty level are you playing on? I didn’t find the ring fort mission any harder than defending the hotel (neither being easy for me BTW).

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Are. You. Kidding, @trikke11?
Are you seriously saying that you’re gonna quit the game because you found one mission difficult?
Even better, you actually completed the mission but the “dealbreaker” is that you ran out of ammo?..

I have questions!
What difficulty do you play on? (If Guerilla, try turning it down instead of quitting.)
What level are you?
Did you spend skillpoints on the “Salvage” perk?
How good weapons have you found?
“Bending over backwards with ammo”, how much ammo does that mean?

Personally, I’m playing on Skirmish difficulty. I have 2 points spent on the “Salvage” perk. I mainly use the KVM 59 and the PVG 90, but also the M/46 Kpist and the .44 Magnus. I always keep 7000 rounds of 7.62mm, 600 rounds of .50 BMG, 3000 rounds of 9mm SMG, and 150 rounds of .44 Magnum. I have no problem in maintaining this number in my inventory at any time, and for every hour I play, I need to throw away hundreds, even thousands of rounds that I don’t have room to carry. Ammo is lying around everywhere! I don’t understand that you’re supposedly having so much trouble finding it…

Also, I’m sure there are some seasoned PS4 players in here that can set you up with a boost of ammo to get you going again, if that’s what you need. :slight_smile:

As for The Ringfort, I found it relatively easy on Skirmish. (Used 2 or 3 adrenaline, maybe?)
It would have been trivial on Adventure, and probably very hard on Guerilla.
I can’t agree that it’s “virtually impossible” on any difficulty.

You may find this game hard to master, and there are other games that I just can’t get the hang of.
So don’t get me wrong, I don’t mean to judge you. :slight_smile:

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If you can do the Himfjäll Hotel mission solo than this mission is easy in comparison but as Aesyle has mentioned just drop the difficulty for that mission.

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He’s getting overwhelmed from the sounds of things.

Fireworks for distraction, open up with the XKVM59. The distraction will keep them off you - and the lightning chain effect will deal with the machines. And yes, obviously - change difficulty to Adventure.

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There’s no need to quit, just leave it for now and get better weapons. Also, use flares and fireworks. You can find the location of ammo schematics on YouTube and then you can craft the ammo you need.

Hey, trikke11, Load up the regular rocket launcher with a minimum of 50 rounds for big missions. Relax , you will win. I use the ak 47 on the other hand. Works all the time

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Thnx, me droogs, for all the support, but it is what it is.
I’m in skirmish, completely leveled out, completed e-ve-ry mission possible, gathered a shitload of ammo on the way and lost it all trying to defend the ringfort. I mean: I know how the game works by now. I’ve been playing nothing else since april.
First the misunderstandings.
Wandering aimlessly = picking up new ammo without actually doing a mission. I know by now where to find it. I never said there wasn’t any to find. It’s just a pity that I have to scavenge the wastelands to have a second try at the ringfort. That is months of playing ?!
Better weapons ? After installing FNIX and failing at the ringfort I have downed plenty of rivals -since there’s nothing else to do- and most peculiar enough: for most of the time the loot is depressingly poor. Last harvester rival I killed last night: a tube of glue or even maybe two, an air cannister and sumthing I can’t even be bothered to remember, that’s how impressive it was.
I can’t believe it myself: this is , what ? the second, third mission in FNIX and I’m back at square one ?! So much for me supporting the development of this game.
I’m not the only one either who gets stuck at the ringfort. There’s more, they just don’t vent it here. There’s people out there sharing completed ringfort saves to help out.
I’m sorry, me droogs, it just feels out of proportion: months of gameplay working up to FNIX and left with nothing. There’s no way I make a chance now at a second attempt, I lost everything. And it’s going to take ages to get that kinda ammo together again. And it wasn’t enough for the ringfort anyways.

Mines, gas cans and rockets . Worked at the hotel works here too. On PS4 name same as here if you want a hand. 2 is always more fun

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@trikke11 I’m sorry, the problem seems very real to you, I suppose.
I have never heard until now, that people were struggling with The Ringfort… And like I said, I still have the impression that ammo is so incredibly over-abundant in this game, that I have no chance of carrying everything I find, and, I mostly just loot the machines I kill. I never have to go dumpster diving in order to find ammo… I can’t remember exactly how The Ringfort mission went for me, but I know I didn’t struggle with it, and I did not take any notice that it required any huge amount of ammo. The final mission of FNIX Rising required a lot of ammo, much more than The Ringfort at least, but neither that one drained all I had, and it didn’t take me a lot of time to replenish my stockpile either.

Again, I find it very strange that running dry on ammo is making you shun Generation Zero…
You say you’re “back at square one”, and that gathering the same amount of ammo will “take ages”.
It won’t! Got 2 points in Salvage? If so, take a shotgun and kill 10 military hunters or 20 apocalypse runners, you’ll have 1500 rounds of 7.62 mm in 15 minutes tops!
I don’t mean to sound offensive or lecturing, but you’re looking at this the wrong way, and a bit too pessimistic.


Is this a real thing? Sharing game files to progress in game

Hope not… If so, that’s even sadder than typing in a cheat code or a console command! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

I haven’t heard save sharing for GZ to advance in game but i’ve seen save sharing for other Steam games, to unlock hard to get Steam achievements. So, yeah. It is a real thing. Sad but true.

Well, as a self proclaimed achievement whore ( now retired after the 100k ) this saddens me as well. There is nothing more rewarding that achievements from hard work in game, something to look back on down the line.

I will play devils advocate though, because IF achievements have been locked and un obtainable due to updates hotfix’s etc…and you have fulfilled the criteria ( fashionista for example ) then its a tough call.

That said I found a few work arounds for my own issues “ in house” but with the changes to game this may be a culture that develops over the steam community as a matter of necessity to actually progress in GenZ

I don’t want someone else’s save, just for the record. Not interested. But that’s how hard the ringfort suddenly seems for some players. I’m not making this up. But that’s getting off topic.
And there’s ammo to find, I kno-ow, but never as much as I gathered during half a year of gameplay.

I will gladly help you with the mission or with a bunch of ammo if you like, perhaps some bug in the game with endless waves or something

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Wow… if that makes you quit … that’s sad

I’ve already completed that mission and well aside from having to turn the difficulty to skirmish to make it a little easier I have no complaints it’s hard yes but not impossible on your own… escorting the trucks alot harder by yourselfalso if it’s just a bug which I did not experience (PS4) I get it I waited rather impatiently for 5 months and yeah I’m happy I’m not having trouble like they have / had on xbox