PS4 - Safehouses keep disapearing

It happens nearly everytime I log on, you end up spawning in Yttervik with every safehouse (except for your bases and the command bunkers). I am a long time player so it is really frustrating to go unlock all the necessary safehouses pretty much everytime I go into the game in order to play it properly, but all the hours you put in unlocking the safehouses is often for nothing since the next time you go in you are back at square one…


Thank you for posting this.
I have the same issue since short after landfall, but on ps5.

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Yes it started after the landfall update, but even before that there was some issues with certain safehouses like Karl-Erik Lighthouse.

For me it began with Karl-Erik-Lighthouse after landfall update.
I saw that I didn’t have it on my map although I was sure that I were there some times.

I went there again.

The next day almost all safehouses were gone and the trouble began.

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