[PS4] Salthamn bridge problem

There is an invisible wall on the bridge that wont go away no matter what I do… I saw that it was a known issue but the ways to fix doesn’t work for me at all
Steps To Reproduce:
Happens every time, even if I restart and backtrack… I even started over with a new character
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Host or Client:
Playing solo
Players in your game:
Only me
PS4 (slim maybe(?))

I have the same issue.
Nothing works, can’t get past the bridge.
Also on PS4

I have the same thing happening … I’ve even tried uninstalling and re-installing it but no luck

Saw this on another post: join a multiplayer game and get to the salthamn bunker and unlock the safehouse, then you can restart in single-player mode and fast travel there

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Invisible wall on the Bridge to Salthamn. On console we limit the playing area (and MP) to the first island during streaming install (play-go). Make sure your installation is complete (and not just the play-go marker). Backtrack to the farm (Stenhaga), then check if you can proceed. If that doesn’t work, try to restart your game. This is already under known issues.