PS4 Save Resetting on App Closing

Platform: PS4

Description: Saves work as long as you do not close the application and restart. When you close and restart, it displays the EULA again and all progress is reset to state prior to Himjfall DLC. Play mode: Offline, no PSN Access.

Steps To Reproduce: played a session, found a Safehouse, fast traveled to different safehouse, gained a level, closed session, checked character profile - Updated for progress. Logged in to profile, progress updated. Fast traveled to another location, closed session, closed application. restarted application, EULA appears again, check character progression and character is reset to original state.

Images / Videos: N/A

Host or Client: PS4 Offline

Players in your game: Me

Specifications: This has been an ongoing issue with my profile since the Resistance update. i am unable to make any progress in the new updates. I have multiple profiles on PS4 and this seems to only be happening to the Offline profile that does not have PSN Access. I do have the Himjfall DLC but have not completed it as it reset my progress and I didn’t retry it since.

Generation Zero requires PSN access for the game to save properly, this’ll be why your progress is resetting as there is no PSN access on the account you’re using.

Should be fixed urgently for offline players.

Hello, I’m playing on PS4 Pro. Last time I played GZ yesterday 24.10.21. PS+ is missing , saving works !

PSN is NOT the same as PS+.
PSN is free, PS+ is premium service.

And i do agree, a game should NOT be dependent on your network status for something as mundane as saving game progress, especially if the game offers singleplayer/offline-experience.

But sony is sony and will never be anything but sony, so dont keep your hopes up as this issue is probably not Avalanche´s mess to fix.

I understand the difference . I wanted to say that I also have two profiles , but they are fully registered . The second profile was created in order to go through the game again at first, I did not know how to reset the gameplay. Then I found out.