PS4 - Trophies broken


January update seems to have well… ehm messed up trophies on the PS4.

When joining a network game, and the host have completed more missions/trophies than
me, I will recive those trophies as well without doing none of them.
Yesterday I purchased the alpine unrest. Joined a network game and… host had allready done that everything so now I have all the trophies and I havent yet been to the island:)

Steps To Reproduce:
Buy a PS4. Get Game. Join network game. Get free trophies.
Images / Videos:
Host or Client:
PS4, january release
Players in your game:
Well, im 44 years old and need a hair cut.

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I can answer this, I have it mastered 100% for both the game and DLC on PS4.

Edit: Not all trophies carry over, just some, note that some trophies will trigger if they broke in the past for you prior the update. Alpine Unrest applies to these as does the main missions requiring achieved with purchase of DLC(You can earn The Final Countdown trophy without DLC if it isn’t purchased, if purchased it’ll register after main missions are beaten on DLC) The DLC is linked to the regular content thus achievement is possible in a workaround way. The same applies for safe house travels to register safe houses on your map without tedious travel. It tracks some progress in game over all accounts.