Ps4 Update is now live 9th may


Thanks once again . Go get a coffee , oh yeah that was quicker than the 24hrs mentioned in stream :joy::rofl:


Its a hot fix i beleive 2 fixes the rest is sometime this month.


Hello. I don’t know why, but after this update i was unable to continue with my current character or start a fresh with a new one. Just after clicking “continue”/“start”, the game crashes. Delete and reinstall the game change nothing. My only option was to delete my save. :cry: Anyone has this problem too ? Thanks.


PS4?Im on my way home now from work ill let you know within the hour.If any one else has the issue or an issue may i suggest if all fails upload saved data to plus cloud and do a full reinstall sometimes ive found interuptions while downloading data updates causes issues and sometimes youd never know there was an interuption.


Game is still UNPLAYABLE thanks to the camera automatically locking on to defeated machines, buildings, plants, or just about anything it chooses to lock onto. In fact the issue seems worse after this patch. I really regret buying this garbage. But I won’t be making that mistake again. Won’t be touching another Avalanche game


I"m on ps4. I was playing, the notification for the update pop up. Then the game crashed for the first time. The update done, i’ve launched the game, a message for corrupted save fixing appears. Operation successful. But since, continue was impossible.


Sounds like the save file is corrupted you cant fix that.Ive had that on other games.The only advice i can give you before accepting a download close the game your playing.I have my downloads to manual so it dosnt auto update i have to check but normally it dosnt let you play network features and it warns you before hand thats how you know theres an update hope im not confusing you.


And thats were autosave in this game is definatley a kick in the teeth


lol i agree. So, let’s start again. i hope other players won’t have any problems. Thanks for your help. Have a nice play ^^


I believe this person had same problem after Console update here is link to Fix :point_right: Xbox update sent me back to lvl 1 empty inv


in short , after a update / patch , if the save game seems wrong or corrupted , choose the character instead of using continue from the menu, also try a restart of game if first load after update. i think that was the main points.


Patch notes for update 1.04?


My PS4 took the update OK, disappointed that the apparel still doesn’t show the resistance factors for the clothing, except for shoes and gas masks. Even then the shoes and masks don’t show the accurate amount of resistance. The shoes that have any resistance all show a minimum amount. I have collected gas masks that indicate a high gas resistance but, in the gas mask listing they all show the same with about 30%.


Yea I’m at the same point as you are… so frustrated with the glitches and stuff that I’ve stopped playing now until they fix most the issues and add in the much needed storage boxes. Also, there’s tutorials for crafting and resource stations, yet they’re not in the game, and who knows when they will be… these are things that should’ve been in the game since day 1. I really love the open worlds on Apex game engines, like Call of the Wild, but that game has been out for a couple years now and still has some sever bugs/issues. I’m starting to wonder if it’s an issue with the engine itself and they can’t fix it, cause they haven’t done any updates fixing some of the BS in that game, nor even mention it. This game needed another year of development, in which it would be extensively beta tested, cause this is just downright unacceptable! You don’t advertise your game as a “finished product” gladly accepting people’s money when the game runs like garbage. I did hear about lots of bugs when I was deciding whether or not to purchase the game, and at first they weren’t really a big deal or game breaking. As I played on tho they continued to get more frequent and worse. Now I’m pissed off and honestly not expecting much from these devs…


I’m in Canada and don’t know the time difference. It’s 7:20a.m. where I am, how many hours will it be till they start the stream?


my best guess is 4 hours and 39 mins , so about lunch time for you.
may 15 , 1600 CEST they said