PS5 60 FPS and more...

Please make an update on ps5, 60 fps, bought a little play and quit, it is not possible to play because of the lagging response of the 30 fps mode control. The second function that is needed is a cross-platform game. In the meantime, I’m disappointed and waiting for the fps unlock.

I can’t follow your argumentation.
For me it’s running smooth on PS5 on a 65" Sony-TV with HDMI 2.1.

But I wished an updated next-gen version, too.

Argument ! The xBox Series S is standing next to it, it works clearer and faster on the same monitor, there is no jelly control like on the PS5

The problem of responding to the movement of sticks, this problem is solved on xBox after unlocking 60 fps, LG OLED also did not help in this matter and will not help until the developer does it

There was a 60 fps update for xbox in november 2021 (I guess). Not for Playstation.

Nevertheless… I don’t know the difference and for me the game runs as smooth as every other game I play(ed).

Unfortunately for me, I see the difference on these two consoles, but even if there was no xBox, I also see it with other games.

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30 x 2 = 60

twice as many pictures

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I get both points of view here, I’ve got both consoles on LG OLED too, before I tried the Xbox X and S, I didn’t feel the difference, however it is pretty clear once you have.
I tried PS5 recently after update and it’s not a bad experience but I really hope it is boosted like Xbox, it’s a shame as PS5 is more than capable of this :thinking:


Is there any work on a PS5 Upgrade to get 60fps? I don‘t understand why the gane don‘t get an update for a 60fps?!

The Xbox get the fps update on November 2021!

There isnt plans for next gen upgrades of GZ, which is what PS5 requires to get thr 60fps. Xbox got it thanks to MS going around on their games and giving them the ability to have 60fps back then, Sony hasnt done that for any game on PS.

The last of us 2 is just one of Sonys titles that was given a 60fps patch :thinking:

This game needs 60fps patch on PlayStation badly :slightly_frowning_face:
This engine is an absolute disaster - I had those issues with theHunter: Call of the Wild and Generation Zero alike.
When I was playing on PS4 I was blaming the hardware, but yesterday I played it on my PS5 and experienced a couple of those 3fps slow downs that happen pretty frequently - it’s unplayable.

It is necessary at least for the control to be clearer, the enemy moves quickly and the reaction should be as fast and clear.

No problems on ps5 for me and my friends.
Do you play disc version or digital version?
Did you install it on internal memory or a usb-drive?

I had it on usb-drive at first (for moving my most played games fast from ps4 to ps5) and had some framedrops or even crashes. Maybe usb is too slow for the amount of data transfered. Just a guess.

First and foremost, more FPS would be for a smoother gameplay and not directly for beautifying the graphics. Whereby more FPS in turn support and allow better graphics.
It’s about the image structure while the game is running. High graphics Many opponents are logically processed well and more fluently with more frames per second. But how is 60 FPS supposed to make a massive difference in resolution? If the texture building block is one and the same. A smoother screen structure is not a graphic MOD.
So far I haven’t had a single frame drop on Playstation 5, whether in single player mode or online with 4 people. My LG Smart tv has an FPS mode and games optimizer in which the FPS are constant… You should also distinguish frame drops from bad data flow​:smirk::v:t2:.

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Whatever your opinions and I really have no console bias, the game is a lot better , smoother, and more textured on X box series X, if you try it you will see where these posts are coming from, I’ve tried to play again on PS5 but it feels incredibly jerky in comparison, there is also a difference in image detail as in landscape foliage for one, series S is also smoother but lacks a little definition.

This really needs to be implimented. I have bought all the Add on packs on PS5 and haven’t been able to pick up the game again cause of the lack of FPS . Though Xbox gets to enjoy the game in all its glory. I’ve been waiting patiently for them to do an update to improve how generation Zero plays. Please fix this as this game is very enjoyable on the Xbox.

Would be fine, indeed.
But in general it’s not the fps that disturb me, it’s the aiming in total.

It’s million miles away from a Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 or compareable shooters, where the aiming is smooth, fast and direct… No matter which console or generation.