PS5 60 Framerate

Shame, they can’t unlock 60 frames on the PS5, did microsoft pay you for it ?

No. They explained all of this back when the Series consoles got the update. Fingers crossed the upcoming “performance update” has it but they’ve always said, not yet re: PS5 & 60fps but will have to wait and see.

GZ hasn’t had a Series X upgrade as such, but rather it can simply detect the Series X|S CPU so runs at a higher frame rate.

This has all been covered before but the reason the Xbox version is “gen9 aware” is down to the fact that the Xbox version was substantially re-tooled after they hit an impasse with their old framework. It’s still the old Xbox One version but running on the new CPU. No new GPU features or textures etc.

The devs hit an issue releasing the Resistance update on Xbox and it took over 7 months for them to work around it, as part of that work they had to migrate their framework from the old XDK to GDK, and it’s the newer GDK that allows them to tap into the Series X CPU for free (ish) as well as providing the framework for cross-play between Windows 10 and Xbox.

You can read more about it here;

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I posted back on this too, you have all your explanation here, I’m not sure what will happen with PS5 as the last comment I got on this was no plans yet, it is a shame for those with PS5 only as it could easily run this at 60 fps, I stopped using my PS5 and use series X and S for Gen Z , even the S is smoother than PS , it just doesn’t look quite as nice maybe, series X really runs and looks great for this game, but who knows what further updates will bring :crossed_fingers:

I don’t think they will concentrate any forces on one platform again, as long as there aren’t any serious platform-specific issues like with resistance update for xbox was.

For me it runs stable at its current state and that’s more than many others can tell. I can live with constant 30fps, if it’s just stable.

But of course I still would appreciate if there would be any next gen update for ps5.

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