PS5 60fps Update - discussion and issues

@SR_Carni Smooooth.
That’s all I need to say.
I like the update. No new greater issues so far on my end.

Just one thing I’d like to note:
I went to the airfield and wanted to do some render distance tests. At a distance of 325m the FNIX structure still was visible.
Then I had to fight some machines, moved here and there and then wanted to continue my tests. I wanted to find the distance where the base disappears. I watched at the base through the scope of my pvg and moved backwards.
I don’t know the distance when IT happened, but I guess it was the point where it should have disappeared… Instead, my game froze and sent me back to the dashboard.

The update is also available for PS4
Anyone knows what it brings?
They released a patch without any Patch Notes?
Always get a bit anxious before updating GZ, patches usually improve something and bring some new bug.

I guess the update for ps4 just brings it on the same version as the others have.
On friday we can expect to get more information. I guess there was no patch notes because all it does is already said in the title. :man_shrugging:

Its only 123.3 MB, what was the size for PS5?
What things? 60FPS? That seems unlikely

Can’t remember… But it was larger. Although I’m currently rewiring my LAN connection and therefore just am connected with wifi, I think it’s still quite fast. I’m using Wifi6 and a 100k-Mbit internet connection, but the update still took about 12 minutes. :man_shrugging:

my PS4 main menu only gives me these 2 screens :confused: , no mention of the selma event & lunar new year event that is turned on :face_with_monocle: the person in charge of that forgot to change out the signs before going home for the day,

owell, it is what it is

the game devs are real sneaky with sliding events in the game without people knowing lol lol lol

Anyone noticed machines not exploding on death anywhere near as much on PS5 since the 60fps update?

My buddies and I were often finding ourselves shooting dead machines and we realised afterwards that we were probably missing a cue. After a bit more testing we noticed that the hunters were not exploding like we remembered them to do and we suspect the same was true for the other machines.

Maybe just in multiplayer?
Both the same for host and guest(s)?

My enemies did blow like they always did… Maybe even smoother and more beautiful.

I mentioned it in discord and it seems it might just be an infrequent glitch. I’ll pay closer attention next time I’m on. Noticeably smoother to me though.

I’ve noticed the following issue twice now since the 60FPS update on PS5:

Once in the Stenmyra area and once in the Granhygget area, there were Lynxes fighting with some unseen robots (you could hear the distinctive motor noise and gunfire). I started to get some short bursts of, like, static noise? A little like a split second of the old dial-up modem - squeaky static - is all I can really describe it as. It only lasted while I could hear the Lynxes and after I killed them the static noise stopped. I’ve not had this issue with any other robots in any other areas since the 60FPS update, and not at all prior to the update.

Could the framerate increase be affecting the sound effects at all?

@Echelons-4th-Spy What about your game experience? Have you had many crashes since the last update?

it’s playing fine for me, I’m on PS4 though, just 1 crash since update, but I expect that one sometimes, and it during loading game, not really a big dill though

it’s that weird 1 get sometimes, I jump into game, the first thing I always do is go straight to the FMTEL assignments, if the CyberPunk person is there and not the assignments, im expecting a crash real soon, but it’s very rare, and it was doing that even before the update

Managed to jump on last night. Spectacular explosions were back on the menu :slight_smile: Guess it was just oddly coincidental that it occurred for us after an update. Never noticed it before, but now we know to just restart the game.

No, this is because the known sound bug that MS and Steam have is now on PS as they are all the same update of the game now. It should be fixed in an upcoming update.

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Yesterday me and my mate played for about 2,5h.
It really was fun again.

We didn’t notice any new audio bug. There just were the good old “ghost-tank” sounds at some battlefields, especially at granhygget.
You know, you hear a loud sound of an idling tank although there is none (any more).

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