Ps5 account and saving issue

Every time i go back on my playstation i need to manually add my account back on and today ive played spiderman 3 times now from the start and its not saving so i dont see why nothing saves even when ive manually saved it 4 times today

Some games on the PS4 / PS5 require you to create a PSN online account even if you only ever intend to play offline. So make sure you have created an PSN account, which is free.

This is different to a PS+ account, which requires a paid subscription. You only need this if you want to use cloud saves across multiple devices.

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What @OBiW4NSHiNOBi writes is correct, you most likely need a PSN account (not to be confused with PS+) for saving to work properly.

I can’t speak for other games, but this is the case and a requirement for GenZ to save properly on Playstation.

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