[PS5] Dualshock settings not applied after reloading game

Platform: PS5, Dualsense Controller

Description: My right analog stick is going bad, so I’ve had to increase the dead zone in the “DUALSHOCK(R)4 Wireless Controller” settings. However I have to go back into this setting every time I restart the game, or it doesn’t apply.

Steps To Reproduce: Restart the game

Images / Videos:

Host or Client: Host, Solo

Players in your game: 1

Specifications: Latest updates to both console and game

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I’ve had exactly the same issue.
With the 60fps update I feel it got better.

And of course it’s just in GZ.
I played much CoD MW2 in the past year, online, competetive, without any problems with my gamepad.

Just as you described:
With adjusted deadzone GZ is playable again, but this setting has to be turned off and on again each time I start GZ.

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