PS5: Free upgrade?

Hi !

Does anyone know if GZ will be playable on PS5 ? And if it could be a free “upgraded” version for PS4 players ?

We keep getting closer to the PS5 release and it looks like the PS5 could be released sooner than the PS4 Fnix Rising update.

To be fair, once I’ll get a PS5 (I’m saving for it), I’ll probably stop playing on PS4. If there isn’t a PS5 version of GZ, I think I’ll never play it again, especially if the Fnix update is released after the PS5 release.

I already saw lots of spoilers on Twitter and YouTube about the DLC AND after such a wait it just doesn’t feel “fresh” to me anymore. But I have to admitted that I would try an upgraded version of GZ if it’s released on PS5 with better graphics. This way it could look “New”.

But…there is no way I’ll buy the game a second time for my PS5 ! I already bought GZ on PS4 and, after all the delays for the Fnix update, I don’t want to put money in a game I can’t enjoy/trust because of such issues. It would be nice to get a PS5 (and New Xbox) version of GZ for free like many other game did.

And after such a long wait for the Fnix update, it would be nice to get such GOOD & UNEXPECTED NEWS. Right now, ONLY getting the old buggy FNIX update for PS4 (after waiting months) looks like getting a second-hand gift for Christmas. Or a third-hand gift because both PC and Xbox players already got it.

They take months to fix little things…they will take time to make the game playable on the PS5, and it´s only a “Maybe” ,but certainly not on launch.
And btw, it´s your money but you should never buy a new console in the first months, there´s always problems and issues and not that many games, and better versions will appear later.


No idea if it would be a free upgrade or not, but I could definitely see GZ on a next-gen platform as the game develops further.

@DarkAngelLord95 @Zesiir would love it to be compatible, but from what i read for the PS5 only PS4 games made since January 2020 or released the same Month are obliged to be compatible for the PS5.
And for the Xbox it´s almost certain it will be compatible, they can even play Xbox 360 games, lucky guys.
Xbox is one decade ahead of Playstation in terms of retro compatibility .

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Thanks for the advice, I won’t buy it Day One, I’ll probably wait like you said but, looking at the eternal PS4 update’s delays, I still think I’ll get the PS5 before Fnix release on PS4,

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I think the PS5 will come before the Fnix update :sweat_smile::sunglasses: .
Jokes aside, i´l be waiting for a PS5 version with a Hard drive with lots of Terabytes, the games are getting bigger and HD space keeps getting Smaller.

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It’s nice for Xbox if it’s retro-playable ! They’ll will be able to watch the error message of corrupted files from GZ in an higher resolution lol

Jokes apart, if the game don’t expand to PS5 I feel like it will be hard to keep a GZ community on PlayStation platforms. But as you said it will probably be released on the new Xbox first as we saw that PlayStation is the lowest priority for GZ. Maybe the Switch will get Fnix Rising before the PS4.
I just hope that it will, this time, be playable quickly for Xbox. It looked truly bad to get so much issues

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