PS5 Graphical Improvements

Now that Generation Zero is on the PS5 can the console game version be updated with some, or all of the graphics options that PC version users have?

I understand that Generation Zero initially released on the PS4 and the graphics had to be balanced accordingly. But surely now we are on the PS5 that beast has the goods to at least improve on the look of the game significantly?

The game looks so much better on PC with Ultra graphics and it is a shame that PS5 users are still locked to the graphics that the game had when on PS4.

Or perhaps a remaster is in the works? Either way it would be lovely to have the option to improve the graphics on the console version of Generation Zero.

Thanks for reading.

That would be great indeed.
At least a higher texture resolution (4k) would be nice.
If there already are these textures for PC versions, they could be provided as optional texture package for console versions (PS5/XsX), like CoD does…

The graphical effects, many textures and some Models already have been improved a lot in the past.
The render distance lately suffered from all the changes that were necessary to make the game more stable and to allow the introduction of a 60fps update for PS5.

I don’t think that we’ll see more great graphical changes for GZ on consoles in future, but idk. They constantly work on improving the deepest parts of GZs Code to make the game run smoother, more stable with less crashes and glitches, so why don’t hope for a day where the improvements allow some (experimental) graphical optimizations for consoles?