[PS5] Machines already in combat with other faction/hacked machine sometimes fail to attack player and stop attacking each other

Platform: PS5

Description: I like to find faction battles going on and get some easy kills because they’ll ignore me 80% of the time and just keep attacking each other. Sometimes I force the issue within the same faction by hacking.

But occasionally, if I get involved in the fight, the machines all just go through the motions of their pre-attack tells, without actually firing. I’ve noticed it most on Tanks and Wolves, but I’ve seen it on Firebirds too.

I was even able to cheese a Reaper this way. I hacked a nearby Tank, it started fighting another Tank, I used the distraction to shoot the Reaper’s shield generators, it noticed me and ran over to attack, so I hid and lost the aggro, and at some point it turned to face a battle between a third Tank and Russian Wolf, and just kept doing the step forward, step back thing over and over. The surviving Tank of the first two came over and did the same thing, and at some point even the Wolf and its Lynxes stopped firing. I was able to take the Reaper down from machine gun distance without anyone firing at me. The only attack the Reaper would do is the Hyperbaric Explosion at its predetermined health levels.

Steps To Reproduce: Beats me

Images / Videos: None

Host or Client: Host, solo

Players in your game: 1

Specifications: Latest version of Console and Game software

PlayStation 4 Pro

I’ve seen this happen too where the factions will get bored shooting at each other and stop just stand around each other. I’ve also observed the Tank doing the back and forth dance as if it getting ready to choose a gun and fire but doesn’t.

Sounds somehow like a buffer overflow.
Like there is no more space to run the commands, events and so on.

I never had these strange behaviours on PS5, but something similar on PS4, where just no more new machines spawned and some other issues occured.

if you shoot off the guns of Soviet Machines & Regular Machines, they kinda stand there in confusion looking at each other