Ps5 multiplayer bug

Hey guys
I’m trying to play coop with my friend but everytime I try to join him or he tries to join me it first says „checking online verification“ then „connecting with host“ and then it says „time run out for connection“ or „ Time exceeded when trying to connect to the multiplayer session“ (sorry if it’s hard to follow, I’m translating all of this from German to Englisch). Could anyone please help?

  • Check your nat-type.
  • You both need PSPlus.
  • You both need the latest version of the game.
  • You should be connected to internet by cable, not wireless.
  • And take a look at your opened firewall ports. You can use google to get the values of the most recommended ports.

He has Nat Typ 3 I have 2

As you’re german like me, this could help to understand your problem:

Der NAT-Typ 3 ist der strengste Typ. Wenn Sie über den NAT-Typ 3 verfügen, können andere Spieler keine Verbindung zu Ihrem PlayStation-Netzwerk herstellen, während Sie eine Verbindung zu ihrem Netzwerk herstellen können. Dies bedeutet, dass Sie kein Multiplayer-Spiel hosten können.

And here are ways to change it: