(PS5) Quality of Life and other suggestions

As an avid player and enthusiast of your game, I’d like to share some feedback and suggestions that I believe could enhance the overall gaming experience:

  1. Swimming and Water Crossings: It would be fantastic to have the ability to swim or traverse water in the game, adding an extra layer of exploration and strategic possibilities.
  2. Tree Cutting for Resources: Consider allowing players to cut down trees for wood, providing a new resource-gathering mechanic that could be beneficial for crafting and survival aspects.
  3. Storage Increase: A storage expansion option would be greatly appreciated, as it would provide players with more flexibility in managing their inventory and resources.
  4. Variety in Enemies: Introducing new enemy variants, especially flying ones and humanoid robots, would bring diversity to the challenges players face, making the gameplay even more engaging.
  5. More NPCs: Adding more non-player characters (NPCs) to the game world could contribute to a richer and more immersive narrative experience.
  6. Multiplayer Enhancements for PS5: Streamlining the multiplayer experience for PS5, with a particular focus on improving the ease of joining friends without an invite, would enhance the social aspect of the game.
  7. Inventory Slider Fix for Consoles: Addressing and fixing the inventory slider issue on consoles would improve the overall usability of the interface for console players.
  8. Companion Commands: Implementing commands for companions would allow for better coordination and strategic gameplay when partnering with AI companions.

no tree cutting please, we already had the mean robots burn parts of the farmlands down, :disappointed: , no more burning trees

I’d settle for just going to the logging camps to collect from the massive piles of logs present.

I’d love a cement factory for similar reasons :wink: