PS5 Storagebox crashes game

When i open the storage box at any bunker, the game crashes.
i have a full upgrade storage box and its way to full with stuff…
i can open it, but when i get to the weapon modifications, the game crashes - happend now 5 times in a row :frowning:

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Platform: PS5

Description: When i open the storage box at any safe place, the game crashes.
i have a full upgrade storage box and its way to full with stuff.
i can open it, but when i get to the weapon modifications, the game crashes

Steps To Reproduce: see above

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Host or Client: Host

Players in your game: 1

Specifications: Standart PS5

Sounds like that:

Platform: PS4

Description: Game freezes completely when I try to use my shelters in the mountain region. Mostly when I enter the weapon extension menu or while trying to use the recycling station. I assume some extension could be bugged, probably the shotgun-choke. I had some strange issues with that some days ago (lagging). But the problems then stopped until the freezing startet, which ist much worse.

Steps To Reproduce: Restart multiple times (both game and PS4) create 2nd character (no issues here, tryed the shelters in the south with the new chracter).

Images / Videos:

Host or Client: Nope, singleplayer campaign

Players in your game: Just me

Specifications: I got the game two weeks ago from the PS-store, so everything shoult be the latest version.

Thanks for your help!

Maybe you have something in your inventory, which causes the freezes.
Try to drop everything and pick it up again.

Helped others in the past, too.

Thank you, it kinda worked. Kinda, because after that I was able to enter the storage via all-items-menu, recycling was still freezing instantly. So I took all shotgun-related stuff and my semiautomatic out and threw it away. Now everything ist working fine.

Maybe this is helpful for somebody with similar problems.

I have to bother you guys another time: The game freezes again like described further up. I enter the weapon extension menu and that’s it. I cannot even drop or recycle the stuff I’ve got on me. Does anyone has some suggestion?

Thanks in advance!
Love this game but some bugs are really time consuming.

Ok, it crashes if you select the attachments tab?
No matter if from recycling station, plundra or inventory?

Did you already try to start a new game in a new world with your existing character? Plundra , Inventory, ressources are shared, but maybe there is something else what causes the crashes.

Does it also crash if you loot a dead robot and select your attachments screen while looting?

Do you just carry attachments you use on a weapon, or are there more? Did you try to drop all weapons and take them again?

Did you use filtering/sorting options in the attachments tab?

Hi, sorry for the late reply. Weekend was full of work. But now I tryed everything.

Yes, it freezes no matter which way I enter the attachments. Even in a new world. Only exception is, when I loot sth or a dead robot.

I dropped everything but the attachments which is not possible as far as I can see. Unfortunately I carry a few. I dont use any filtering option but I tryed. Same outcome.

Thanks for your effort.

Hey this should help you:
Inventory Crash

The second solution in my post should work for you.
Good luck my friend!

Moved reports to this thread, since it’s got a better title reflecting the issue.


Edit: after ignoring the bug for some time (i didn’t access my storage weapon accessories through the weapon accessory tab - i could access them with the “all stuff tab” ) it got worst: i got the same bug in my inventory without storage :frowning: then i found a solution for both: i recycle all not used weapon accessorys :sob: - but the crashes are gone now! :smiley:

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This time it’s really bad: Even after putting all unused attachments to the plundra, closing it and picking them up again, everything freezes as soon as I enter attachments menu.

I am about to level up a new charakter and do not pick up any attachments anymore. Just listen to the sweet sounds of expolosions. That’s the way to play the game.

That’s really weird.
I never had this problem except when I used filters in inventory /plundra or recycling station.
So I just don’t use filters and have no issues there…

I know but it is not the filters. I tryed a lot. For the moment I am done with the game. After the patch I will finish wrench in the works and see if the game is playable or not. It is a shame because it basically is a great game. Not even complaining about the money spend but because of wasted potential.