Putting all kinds of things on the flak moped

field radios, mines, white tanks, red tanks, yellow tanks, car batteries, large EMP, firework boxes, boombox, ammo box, :slightly_smiling_face: will all stick like a post it, and can drive won’t fall off, ALSO, regular motorcycle have sweet spots you can stick them also,


How did you do that with the tactical shield and the sentry turret?
Didn’t work for me.

I have to test that with the field radio. If that works, a mobile field radio, that would be soo cool.


Field radio on a dirtbike is an awesome idea, yeah. Scout bike, with quick regroup functionality…

What about backpacks, for people who don’t have the DLC cargo trike? Are backpacks dropped on bikes/trikes a thing, now? Or still no? I can’t check at the moment, I’ll have to remember to later…

things on motorcycles also,

setting canister tanks on the flak moped, then laying a field radio on top of it,

you can also put field radios on multiplayer peoples vehicles also, tagging multiplayer peoples vehicles with field radios :+1: kinda like when parents put trackers in there kids backpacks, lol lol lol

also, paramedic packs, ammo packs, field radios are no longer nailed to the item your playing it on, in some cases, you can just kick the items around like a soccer ball, and the items will mov

3 were kicked in the water, while the other 1 was connected to the flakmoped, :rofl: trying to find the lost city of atlantis