PVE or PVP? And why?


The big reason for me really looking forward to Generation Zero is that it’s PVE! - i’m a sucker for PVE games like these, because it’s chill and you can always pause the game or keep playing at another time :slight_smile:
What is your preference and why?


Personally I like both. :smiley: PVE does tend to pull me in more though, I find it more relaxing without having to coordinate my gaming with others so much.


PvE. Because I like team play.


i believe that there are certain different mindsets between the two types of gameplay, usually in most PvP situations players are more careful with their actions and rely on more tactical maneuvers to outperform their other human opponents, but with PvE gameplay people take on a more steady+concentrated approach to threats (that isnt to say PvP doesn’t feature coordinated gameplay, but rather one focused more on tension than with PvE). so people who enjoy that kind of tactical and tense gameplay would enjoy PvP, and vise versa.

that’s always been my opinion on the matter

i’m not much of a PvP guy (because i always get my butt handed to me on a silver platter) so i could be a little biased, and i enjoy the less tense atmosphere of PvP gameplay too. i like fighting with people, rather than against people :slight_smile:


Couldn’t agree more, kitty! I’ve always leaned towards PvE games. So much more relaxed compared to fighting other players.


I prefer PvE, to be sure. I also play a few PvP games & the community is way, way more toxic


PvE is where it’s at for me, however, I do enjoy having some occasional PvP fun :stuck_out_tongue:


Me and a mate play every Friday night, have done for close on 20 years. We have experienced many different games both PvE & PvP and hands down our favourite is PvE. Reasons that other posters have mentioned above but mostly because of the bad experiences we have had due to trolls who wish to ruin a good nights gaming.
We try to only play games where we control the server or its just us two.
Thats why Im hoping this game will be perfect for us…fingers crossed.


@sharkie - Sir, you and I are exactly in the same boat. My buddy and I gave up playing MMOs like EVE for that very reason. Our very casual game play style did not mix well with the trolls and griefers so now we mostly stick to ourselves. Many times it was not our relative skill, etc… that was the main contributing factor when their are folks that will invest time and money to have the fastest connection and will strip down the GUI to make sure they have as much of an advantage as possible. I have always been more interested in playing the game as intended. This sounds like something we are going to be interested in, for certain.


i dont think pvp would suit this game since the robots are not just creatures that wander around and keep you entertained they actually are different types and you will have enough to do with those


@Saftbar this topic is just about what people like the most my guy :slight_smile:


Let me start by saying great job guys the game Plays great so far, loving it. Now when I first saw this game it looked like an amazing PvE game And that’s what got me interested. saying that I can only imagine most of the people responding in the forum are in agreement. So I think you’re hitting a preset PvE demographic or group. But I do have to say I agree with everyone so far it should PvE… mainly. I don’t think it Should just be one or the other it could be mainly PvE with a little PvP or friendly fire option, maybe some kind of PvP modes or even like a custom games type thing. Don’t rule out the PvP before you even see what potential the game has with it. Everyone will probably hate me for saying this but look at fortnite. It was strictly PvE and months after adding PvP it took the world by storm… a really crappy storm that never ended. Point being don’t put all your eggs in one basket. I hope you give it a try.


Love pve games never play PvP


In the past I only liked PvE but since I downloaded games at apknite I was excited to fight directly with others, I could not compare between PvE and PvP any more.