Pvg 90 Exp - AP vs FMJ

Yey, got my Pvg 90 Exp tonight! :partying_face::partying_face:

Is there a clear winner between AP and FMJ?

Yes there is. :slight_smile:

If youre shooting at a soft target, the FMJ is a clear winner while if youre shooting at armor, AP is the clear winner.

If we turn things around, i believe that a AP round against a soft target does less damage than a FMJ does against armor, but the difference isnt that big. (there are some numbers floating around the forum regarding damage “multipliers” but i didnt find it with a (too) quick search…)

If we consider the economics, the FMJ is much easier to find compared to the AP, making the FMJ the more economical option.

So it all boils down to what youre shooting at.

As a rule of thumb, pick up both, so when you run out of the one type, you always got some spare ammo of the other type.

I tend to save my AP rounds (regardless of weapon) for the harder enemies, fnix tanks and so on, while using FMJ for anything prototype-class and most military types.

When fighting the harder enemies, i often choose AP rounds to strip off armour parts, then swap to FMJ for the soft component damage.


It’s also worth noting that the X-PVG90 already does penetration since it’s so powerful, regardless of the ammo used. So with AP rounds, you can even shoot through several enemies at once. But yes, FMJ does more component damage. It’s a beast of a weapon, regardless.


Ive shot thru at least 3 runners (proto if my memory serves) with FMJ, so yes, its a beast! And i love her dearly!!

Which ammo is best suitable to blow of guns from tanks, AP or FMJ?

AP. Since machine weaponry is considered as Armor in the game, rather than Component. You can tell it by yourself when shooting at it and looking the sparks you get. If they are blue sparks, it’s component. If they are yellow sparks it’s armor/frame.