PvP would be nice

Exactly I hear so much talk around changing the core of what made this game different, this isn’t Day Z or any other hard core survival PVP it’s what makes it unique in my opinion!


What if there was a PvP mode? Like a multiplayer type gamemode like CTF or Team Deathmatch.

Loadouts would use the old inventory, and not the weapon wheel, so you wouldn’t be able to pull out anything you wanted whenever you wanted. Just a Primary, a Secondary, and a Sidearm.

I think there was a 4 and 5 too, like mb medkits and grenades or something?

Everyone starts with a limited amount of ammo.

It be interesting.

Still need to figure out how players would be able to pick their loadouts of if they could create their own from what they had in their PLUNDRA.

Maybe players could host a game of multiplayer, and then the host gets to decide.

Ultimate duel to the death where everyone has a 1c Moller PP!!!

When you use a Grenade to close to a friendly or any rockets then the shooter does get damage already.

But the thing is that the game simply isnt a pvp shooter. And it whoulnt make any sense because this game is about shooting machines, so why whould we need a game mode where you shoot other players? It whould be out of character for the game


Because if you have a end game character and your friends have end game characters as well and you 100% the game then there’s not much to do other than farm fir weapons that you probably have already, friendly fire or pvp would be fun to mess around with friends and even if it is a game about killing robots only pvp/friendly fire could be added as a setting that can be toggled in the multiplayer settings and you and your friends can just have fun and test weapons and the game would have more to do.

I must contradict.
PvP in a 4 player open world game would be boring.

Do daily assignments and weekly procedual missions.
Set yourself own goals like bringing all regions to level 25 with all maxed out FNIX bases…
And then to destroy all bases and rivals.
Build bases and do base defenses on every difficulty.

There is much to do. At least it takes much time.

PvP is for other games.

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Well pvp is a good way to test actual skill for a gun fight since the machines are easy
I defeated the reaper 20 times, I got all of the experimentals, and I did a lot more
Friendly fire or pvp WON’T hurt the game, it might be boring for you but that’s just you
Your feelings isn’t the only feelings that matters
Others will enjoy and others won’t
But like I said if it was added and you don’t want the friendly fire/pvp then toggle it off

I host a lot of public co-ops and very seldom do I have players that are end game levels. Would they enjoy a level 134 player popping them at every corner? Most players join and stay on my map due to having a high chance of battling a lot of MACHINES, not other players, and leveling up quickly with looting a lot of good gear. So, you are right, my feelings are not the only thing that matters. How many players that buy a game that is PVE but they join a public co-op and they are getting destroyed by the host and not the machines. YOU want a PVP, go buy one of the many out there but leave the few PVEs alone. And that is the way I feel about it.

BTW: I think the dev made the things that blow up players, by other players like the cars and the big storage tanks harder so that players could not destroy each other so easy.

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It makes no sense.
The game isn’t designed for that and the work that has to be done to change it to your satisfaction could also be put into a spinoff game which provides that.

In my opinion: just play something else if you want to play PvP.

I see where you’re coming from or want to go to, but it begins with “give us friendly fire/PvP” and goes on with more wishes for additional modes to play or more areas or more players.

Instead, turn the suggestion to a request for a spinoff “Generation Zero - opposing force” with the Iron church and the growing tree as additional factions, maybe even swedish army and soviet soldiers.

It could be like a “Battlefront Generation Zero” with Tanks, soviet machines as controllable units, vraken in the skies… And of course FNIX as AI controlled factions which fights everyone who is breathing.

No we dont need it, it is as simple as that.

If PVP were to be introduced into GZ I would like it to be completely separate from the multiplayer/co-op we currently have. Meaning, I wouldn’t want to be playing co-op with friends and then suddenly a group of players drop in and take you out.

To me, the way the game is designed now, which is peer-to-peer, is perfect! That means the admins, don’t have to maintain servers for people to play on. That’s would be a lot to expect of them as well a lot more money to maintain!

Besides I agree with Juix!


pvp would definitely need to be its own mode separate from the co-op/campaign mode.
would be interesting to have human controlled robots vs players. but then at this point it’s basically l4d with robots instead of zombies. not sure how balancing would even be achieved.

L4d is no PvP. Did you ever play that?

PvP would turn this game and its forum into a toxic dung heap full of division and profanity laden rants about skill issues. No thanks. There’s loads of pvp shooters out there. This one should be left alone. I am, however, totally okay with friendly fire. That would lend a whole new level of tactical awareness to the multiplayer aspect. You want to see what happens when you split your fanbase into PvE/PvP… head over to the Conan Exiles forum and read some of that hot garbage. People are straight hateful towards eachother just because they prefer one to the other. That’s not a community I want to be involved with.


Yes, I think an option for friendly fire would be ok.
You can already hurt others with shock lightnings and explosives, so why not with bullets ?

It would also add a new possibility to test resistances.

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Friendly fire is ok as long as it’s optional. So it can be turned on or off depending on who you play with or what kind of difficulty you are looking for.

Pure PvP no thanks!


L4D has a PVP ability where 8 people play, 4 on each team. One side is the survivors and the others is the special infected. Now you can play just 4 players co-op in campaigns, but versus could be fun too! Anyway, I thought I might try to clear that up.

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Thanks, never knew that although I played L4D 1&2.
Nevertheless, PvP for this story based open world coop game wouldn’t be good.

A spinoff about the (imagineable) fight between the resistance and the iron church, where the machines just play a “guest role” in the background, without open world and with a linear story and a team based multiplayer mode could be nice.

I also once thought about a Generation Zero RTS which could be played against other players.

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Friendly Fire + Randos = Griefing. No thank you.

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Well, you could then turn friendly fire off (as host) or kick the griefing randos.

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